Aaron Henne

Artistic Director

In addition to his work as theatre dybbuk's Artistic Director, Henne’s plays include King Cat Calico Finally...


Rachel Leah Cohen

Director of Youth Education

Rachel has been a Jewish theatre educator for over 15 years teaching and working throughout the U.S. As a ...


Flori Schutzer

Producing Director

Flori Schutzer was the Producing Manager of the Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum in the ’80s and ’90s...

Julie A. Lockhart

Marketing & Communications Director

Julie A. Lockhart is an arts professional with experience as a web content producer, copywriter, and performer...

board of directors

David C. Aaronson, President  •  Miriam Heller Stern, Secretary  •  Michael Jay Skloff, Treasurer  •  Aaron Henne  •  Stuart Graber  •  Michelle Stone


teaching artists