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what we do


theatre dybbuk creates provocative performances and innovative educational encounters that explore Jewish thought to illuminate universal human experience.

We envision a world where people challenge themselves to revel in the complexity of our shared humanity. 

our process

All of our projects, which are conceived by Artistic Director Aaron Henne and developed with our artists, are created through a process which takes up to three years. These productions incorporate lyrical language, stylized movement and visceral metaphors to create expressionistic, singularly theatrical experiences. You can learn more about our process on our in development page.

We gratefully acknowledge the Chumash and Tongva (Gabrielino) peoples, on whose ancestral homelands we create and develop our work, as well as the diverse and vibrant Native communities who make Los Angeles their home today. We’d also like to acknowledge that no community in the United States exists separately from the complicated reality of our country's history of colonialism, slavery, and exploited labor.
theatre dybbuk exagoge rehearsal at TIOH photo by Taso Papadakis

exagoge rehearsal – photo by Taso Papadakis


theatre dybbuk was founded in 2011, with its inaugural production, cave…a dance for lilith (co-produced with LA Contemporary Dance Company), opening on November 9, 2012 at Diavolo in The Brewery Art Colony.


You can find a list of all of our past productions (as well as upcoming ones) on our projects page.

cave...a dance for lilith photo by Taso Papadakis

cave...a dance for lilith – photo by Taso Papadakis

our programs


theatre dybbuk has become a prominent provider of arts-based leadership training, community engagement events, and Jewish educational programs to non-profits, community organizations, synagogues, and schools in the Los Angeles area and throughout North America. You can find more information about these offerings on our programs page.

AHenneMissionWorkshop (8 of 10).jpg

Artistic Director Aaron Henne leading a workshop for non-profit professionals – photo courtesy The Hive at Leichtag Commons

equity, diversity, and inclusion

theatre dybbuk believes that the creation of impactful artistic work includes collaborators from diverse backgrounds and experiences, who together form a community which encourages experimentation, innovation, and deep investigation.

theatre dybbuk is committed to:

  • developing and presenting work, inspired by Jewish cultural perspectives and experiences, that is informed by the power of the diverse voices in our community of artists. This work explores issues connected to identity, belonging, and power in our world throughout history and today.

  • engaging in an ensemble development process that employs artists from a wide range of backgrounds and with intersecting identities. The resulting productions are intended to reflect this multiplicity in their interests and explorations.

  • consistently offering a portion of our work for no- or low-cost to the public. This allows for access to high-quality, challenging performances for people from a wide variety of economic situations.

  • presenting work in partnership with other institutions, including museums, cultural organizations, and public initiatives. This creates opportunities for us to lead and co-lead from a space where inquiry meets collaboration, engaging a large cross section of community members.

read more

Peruse an archive of articles about our work and interviews with and essays written by our artistic director.



If you are interested in finding out more about how we work and opportunities for collaboration, 

please email us at:​.


theatre dybbuk is supported, in part, by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Department of Arts and Culture.

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