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Fahad Siadat

Fahad Siadat

Fahad Siadat creates interdisciplinary storytelling works, folding together words, sound, and movement into ritualistic narratives. His work is described by the press as “Exceptional” (LA Times), “hypnotic” (Backstage) and having “a sophisticated harmonic vocabulary” (San Diego Story) with “characteristic vivaciousness” (Theatre Scene). His music has been performed in Europe, China, and across the United States. Fahad is the director of the Resonance Collective, a multifaceted organization which explores the intersections of artistic and spiritual practice, as well as the new music vocal ensemble HEX. He has conducted choirs at Columbia University, CalArts, Chaffey College, and been assistant conductor of The Industry. In 2012, he founded See-A-Dot Music Publishing, a company devoted to the advocacy of adventurous choral music.

projects with theatre dybbuk:

hell prepared: a ritual exorcism inspired by kabbalistic principles, performed within a dominant cultural context

The Merchant of Venice (Annotated), or In Sooth I Know Not Why I Am So Sad

The Dybbukast

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