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Julie A Lockhart

Julie A Lockhart

Julie has been performing with theatre dybbuk since the company's inception. Other companies she has worked with in Los Angeles include Theatre Movement Bazaar, Sacred Fools, Triumvirate Pi, Ghost Road, and Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company. Her work outside of LA includes The Buddha Prince (Minneapolis, Off-off-Broadway, Pasadena), and Darkling (Off-Broadway). On camera, she has performed in multiple pieces for experimental animators and visual artists, the feature film Death and Taxis, and the titular role in Heloise, a short film about the life of the 12th century philosopher, scholar and abbess. She holds a BS in theatre from Northwestern University.

projects with theatre dybbuk:



cave...a dance for lilith




lost tribes

hell prepared: a ritual exorcism inspired by kabbalistic principles, performed within a dominant cultural context

The Merchant of Venice (Annotated), or In Sooth I Know Not Why I Am So Sad

The Dybbukast

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