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theatre dybbuk's One Community, Many Stories

At a One Community, Many Stories event, we create a communal experience through creative writing, personal storytelling, and performance. This program personalizes and illuminates a theme, lifting up diverse voices within the community and bringing together all who attend.

How it works:

  • In advance of the event, a theatre dybbuk facilitator will work with your organization to establish the topic of the program. The focus might be on a theme connected to a conference, a world event or concern, or a holiday.

  • At the start of the event, our facilitator leads participants through a 30-minute writing workshop in which they compose personal essays and short stories. The writing workshop is structured so that the participants give focus to moments in their own lives which are connected to the established topic.


  • Next, participants attend a related 60-90 minute activity or program. In the past, One Community, Many Stories has been successfully paired with a meal, a concert, a lecture, or a religious service. While participants attend this related program, the facilitator and a team of professional actors prepare the newly-written stories for performance.

  • After the conclusion of the related program, the professional actors perform a reading of a selection of these stories with live musical accompaniment.

topics and themes include:

Welcome, Stranger – stories of inclusion and having been an outsider

Standing Together – stories of activism and community engagement 

Whoops! – stories of embracing failure and the success behind mistakes

Making It – stories of visioning, creating, and innovating

Changing Our Environment – stories of possibility, related to climate change

Seasonal Change, Personal Change – stories of feeling connected, finding ease, and experiencing joy, related to the arrival of summer

topics and themes for Jewish holidays:

Standing at Sinai  stories of revelation and transformation; related to Shavuot

S'lach Lanu: Forgive Us – stories of forgiveness; related to Selichot and the High Holidays

Lighting the Way  stories of finding light in the darkness; related to Hanukkah

Your Personal Exodus  stories of the journeys we take and the challenges along the way; related to Passover

We can also create a custom event tailored to your organization's needs.

To bring a One Community, Many Stories event to your community, please contact us at or by phone at 424-298-0894.

Past and current partners include: Jewish Community Foundation Orange County, Mittleman JCC (MJCC - Portland, OR), Temple Israel of Hollywood, Adat Ari El, The Temple (Atlanta), Beth El Synagogue Center, Temple Judea, Temple Beth Am, The Hive at Leichtag Commons, and Cantors Assembly.

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