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The Marvelous Puppet Show

The Dybbukast, Season 4, Episode 5: The Marvelous Puppet Show

Season 4, Episode 5

This illuminated lecture brings together readings from the short play "The Marvelous Puppet Show" by Miguel de Cervantes, published in 1615, with a talk from Dr. Barbara Fuchs, Distinguished Professor of Spanish and English at UCLA and director of Diversifying the Classics. Dr. Fuchs reveals the ways in which Cervantes' uncannily prescient interlude dissects the foibles of belief and belonging and poses uncomfortable questions for the here and now.

This episode was recorded live on April 20, 2024 at First Congregational Church of Los Angeles and is presented in collaboration with Diversifying the Classics at UCLA. The podcast presentation is supported in part by a grant from the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.

Read the transcript for "The Marvelous Puppet Show."


Hosted by Aaron Henne

Scholarship provided by Barbara Fuchs, PhD

Edited by Mark McClain Wilson

Story editing for the podcast by Julie A. Lockhart with Aaron Henne

Featuring the voices of Joe Jordan, Adam Lebowitz-Lockard, Julie A. Lockhart, Molly Pease, David Saldaña, Diana Tanaka, Jonathan C.K. Williams, with musical compositions by Molly Pease

Theme music composed by Michael Skloff and produced by Sam K.S.

Transcription by Dylan Southard

"The Marvelous Puppet Show" Learning Resources

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Diversifying the Classics is a UCLA initiative to promote Hispanic classical theater in Los Angeles and beyond, in order to diversify our canons and promote language justice. The project includes an ongoing translation workshop, the biennial LA Escena festival of Hispanic classical theater, the Radio Comedia podcast, adaptations, k-12 materials, and more.


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