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The Imagined Childhood

The Dybbukast, Season 3, Episode 4: The Imagined Childhood

Season 3, Episode 4

In this second of our five-episode series with the Department of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies at Brandeis University (NEJS), we explore "The Imagined Childhood,” a short story originally published in Hebrew in 1979. Written by the prolific 20th-century Iraqi-born Israeli author Shimon Ballas, the story served as an epilogue to a collection of short stories whose narratives intersect with the author's early life in Baghdad.

Dr. Yuval Evri, Assistant Professor of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies and the Marash and Ocuin Chair in Ottoman, Mizrahi, and Sephardic Jewish Studies, takes us through the author's immigrant history and his multilingual engagement in Arabic, Hebrew, and French throughout his body of work.

Read the transcript for "The Imagined Childhood."


Hosted by Aaron Henne

Scholarship provided by Yuval Evri, PhD

Edited by Mark McClain Wilson

Story editing by Julie A. Lockhart with Aaron Henne

Featuring the voice of Jonathan C.K. Williams

Theme music composed by Michael Skloff and produced by Sam K.S.

Transcription by Dylan Southard

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