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Sound in the Silence

The Dybbukast, Season 2, Episode 7: Sound in the Silence

Season 2, Episode 7

In our seventh episode of the season, we explore Sound in the Silence, a historical education project that uses the group creation of performance to personalize remembrance on-site where history happened. The project has largely centered on spaces connected to the Holocaust, partnering with a variety of organizations working with young people and community members from throughout Europe. This episode features performed readings from a script created by students as part of the project's first edition in 2011.

Intercut with readings from that script and other related texts is an interview with Sound in the Silence Co-Founder and current Artistic Director Dan Wolf, an artist who works with rap, theater, and personal narrative. He discusses how his own family history intersected with the creation of this project, while also sharing about the work’s long-term impact and the ways in which its collaborative process engages with remembrance.

This episode is made possible in part by a grant from the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and was conceived of as a result of a research trip supported by Asylum Arts.

Read the transcript for "Sound in the Silence."


Hosted by Aaron Henne

Scholarship provided by Dan Wolf

Edited by Mark McClain Wilson

Story editing by Julie A. Lockhart with Aaron Henne

Featuring the voices of Joe Jordan, Julie A. Lockhart, Rebecca Rasmussen, Clay Steakley, Rena Strober, Jon Weinberg, and Mark McClain Wilson

Theme music composed by Michael Skloff and produced by Sam K.S.

Transcription by Dylan Southard

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