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assemble: modern spin | ancient celebration

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assemble: modern spin | ancient celebration premiered on October 4, 2015 in Encinitas, California. Conceived by the Center for Jewish Culture and Leichtag Foundation, and created by theatre dybbuk.

As a part of the Leichtag Foundation’s Sukkot Harvest Festival, assemble brings experimental performance to a festival audience for an exploration of community and integrity. It blends theatre dybbuk’s own brand of heightened language and physical theatre with dance and music for an invigorating journey inspired by the ancient ritual of Hakhel.


According to ancient tradition, the people of Israel would let their lands lie fallow every seventh year, or Sh'mita. At the end of this cycle, the people would take part in the ritual of Hakhel and gather in Jerusalem to hear the king read selections from the Torah. The readings encouraged the population to begin cultivating once again, and to approach all endeavors in a more mindful and committed manner.


With assemble, theatre dybbuk uses language, dance and song to investigate ways in which we can all bring about positive change for ourselves, those around us and for the whole Earth.


Written and directed by Aaron Henne


Developed with the performers: Nina Bowers, Nick Greene, Kai Hazelwood, Julie Lockhart, Rebecca Rasmussen and Clay Steakley


Choreography by Kai Hazelwood


Musical Composition by Nick Greene, Rebecca Rasmussen and Clay Steakley, with the ensemble


Costume Design: Bert Henert

Dramaturg: Dylan Southard

Stage Manager: Erric Sisneros-Ramirez

And many thanks to Michael Gropper for instructing theatre dybbuk in the ways of blowing shofar


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