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theatre dybbuk's kippur - photo by Larry Goren

premiered August 31, 2013

and performed in sacred spaces throughout Southern California

Premiere presentation created in collaboration with Valley Beth Shalom Synagogue.


Written and Directed by Aaron Henne


Developed with Shirley Anderson, Cantor Phil Baron, Joshua Wolf Coleman, Rabbi Ed Feinstein, Debbie Jaffe, Julie Lockhart, Rebecca Rasmussen, Clay Steakley, Dylan Southard and Paul Vroom.


Assistant Directed by Michael Wise


The High Holiday prayer services act as both a communal coming together and an individual exploration of one’s relationship to eternity.


A holiday-specific piece of theatre-as-ritual, this piece incorporates prayers and songs, and uses the seven days of sitting Shiva as a framework for the exploration of loss and atonement.


This event, which engages with the transgressions of the past and the possibility for redemption in the future, serves as the basis for a full bodied investigation and illumination of the worship service, played out in song, movement, poetry, prayer and community.


(photos by Larry Goren)


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