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articles about our work

Engaging with Judaism through Theatre Dybbuk by Dan Schifrin

Sight Lines (2023)

This article in The Covenant Foundation's magazine discusses our residencies supported by Covenant's Signature Grant and the company as a whole.

The Temple & Breman Museum Host ‘theatre dybbuk’ by Bob Bahr

The Atlanta Jewish Times (2023)

This article covers our residency in Atlanta in early 2023 and some of the programs and performances presented during that time.

LA theater company revives early 20th century play for dramatized podcast by Jessica Donath

The Times of Israel (2020)

With all of the theaters closed, what have we been doing during the pandemic? Read about one of our endeavors – our podcast, The Dybbukast – and our ongoing educational work.

theatre dybbuk to present online in-progress event of "breaking protocols: – an interview with Aaron Henne by Jeff Slayton

LA Dance Chronicle (2020)

With the coronavirus came the closing of the theatres and other public gathering spaces. In this interview, Aaron talks about taking our in-process presentations for breaking protocols from the physical to the virtual sphere.

Theatre dybbuk Explores Hell and Ritual Exorcism by Esther D. Kustanowitz

Jewish Journal (2019)

This article covers some of the background and history related to our 2019 production, hell prepared, and includes interviews with writer/director Aaron Henne and contributing scholar Erith-Jaffe Berg.

Theatre Dybbuk Brings New Life to Ancient Plays by Liz Ohanezian

KCET Artbound (2016)

This 2016 piece from Artbound features an extensive interview with Artistic Director Aaron Henne and provides background on the company and its history.

'Exagoge': A theatrical exegesis on the Exodus by Evan Henerson

Jewish Journal (2016)

This article covers some of the background and history related to our 2016 production, exagoge, and includes interviews with writer/director Aaron Henne, choir director Kenneth Anderson, and members of the cast.

Rooted in the land, creating contemporary community by Esther D. Kustanowitz

Jewish Journal (2015)

In October of 2015 we headlined the Leichtag Foundation's Sukkot Harvest Festival with our ritual performance piece, assemble | modern spin, ancient celebration. This story covers the design and background of the festival.

Dybbuk debuts 'Darkness and Light' by Jonathan Maseng

Jewish Journal (2013)

In 2013, we experimented with Valley Beth Shalom synagogue in creating a theatre piece that also functioned as a prayer service for Selichot. This feature explores that collaboration.

articles by and interviews with our artistic leadership

Revelation is Just the Beginning

The Covenant Foundation (2021)

As part of Beit HaYotzer/the Creativity Braintrust, Artistic Director Aaron Henne participated in a curated conversation during the pandemic that culminated in a series of lessons about what it means to be human.

Meet Aaron Henne | Artistic Director

Shoutout LA (2020)

Shoutout LA, a local publication interested in sparking meaningful conversations, interviewed Aaron about risk taking, artistic partnerships, and favorite places in the city.

The Thin Line Between Art, Storytelling and Politics by Aaron Henne

The Wexner Foundation (2019)

Advocating for the inherent value of art, Aaron discusses how art allows people to see their history, to contemplate their present, and to imagine their future.

Meet Aaron Henne of theatre dybbuk in Silver Lake

Voyage LA (2018)

Aaron discusses his theatre background and the beginnings of theatre dybbuk in this Voyage LA interview.

5 Powerful Ways to Make Jewish Art Matter by Aaron Henne

Forward (2016)

This essay discusses ways to foster cultural connection through the arts. It was created as part of a series on Gen X and Millennial engagement by Cutting Edge Grant recipients. 

What Makes Theater Jewish? by Aaron Henne

HowlRound Theatre Commons (2014)

Co-curators David Winitsky and Guy Ben-Aharon asked Jewish theater practitioners from major regions of the country what Jewish theater means to them as part of the series "#JewPlay: What is the future of Jewish theater in the United States?" Aaron responds with his essay "What Makes Theater Jewish?"

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