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film collaborations


We've been fortunate to collaborate with film and video artists using themes from and recordings of our theatrical presentations.

With our longtime photographer, Taso Papadakis, we created art films inspired by concepts, content, and choreography in hell prepared and lost tribes. The online arts publication Interfictions also commissioned a video project using footage from our 2015 festival piece, assemble.

Facebook Fridays


A series of talks, trainings, and conversations originally published on Facebook during the pandemic. All trainings were recorded on Zoom with the company and have been edited for streaming. Chats and conversations were originally streamed live to Facebook.


Chats and Conversations


Arts, Provocation, and Jewish History


Watch archived episodes of Arts, Provocation, and Jewish History  – a show hosted by Artistic Director Aaron Henne on jewishLIVE from April 29, 2020 through June 2, 2021. Much like our Facebook chats and conversations, these are recorded livestreams.

Featured Interviews


Listen to podcast episodes featuring interviews with our artistic director, Aaron Henne.

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Judaism Unbound Episode 212 – Museums and the Creative Challenge

March 12, 2019

A bonus episode created as part of a series for the Council of American Jewish Museums 2019 Conference. Dan Libenson, one of Judaism Unbound’s co-hosts, moderates a panel about creativity, featuring recent podcast guests Ivy Barsky, Aaron Henne, and Yishai Jusidman.

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Judaism Unbound Episode 156  – Creating Jewish Theatre with Aaron Henne

February 8, 2019

"Our society is set up to see education, and ritual, and theater, and art as separate engagements. Our schools are set up this way -- art is not math, when in fact they are completely intertwined. Science is creative, and yet we put science [in a separate box]. Drama is an elective. This is insane! They are all part of one conversation."

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Tel Aviv Review Once More with Neshama: the Art of Jewish Theater

January 20, 2017

Aaron Henne discusses the creative process of adapting Jewish texts for the stage and making this art palatable to a wide audience.