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A Fine Ford Vehicle

The Dybbukast, bonus to Season 1, Episode 5: A Fine Ford Vehicle

Season 1, Episode 5 bonus

In Episode 5, we examined Henry Ford’s publication, The International Jew, and its relationship to “The Protocols.” In this bonus episode, we’re sharing a scene that explores elements of Ford’s publication from our latest theatrical work – still in development – breaking protocols. Set in the 1940s, breaking protocols explores the history behind "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" by presenting it in the context of a vaudevillian entertainment.

In this sequence, you can hear two members of the vaudeville troupe take on the roles of Henry Ford and a spokesmodel as they present the ideas from The International Jew as though demonstrating a new Ford automobile in a 1920s advertisement.

Read the transcript for "A Fine Ford Vehicle"


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