The Art of Jewish Leadership encourages the investigation and communication of relationships to Jewish identity and the local and global communities through a series of leadership workshops. In addition to direct engagement with college students, the program involves professional development for Campus-Based professionals, in which they learn from the techniques which theatre dybbuk utilizes, so that they may apply them in an ongoing manner to their work.


Our Personal Exodus Narratives: Leadership and the Art of Storytelling 

In this session, all participants identify and develop their own unique "exodus" narratives, aligning them with personal and professional missions.

Four Questions, Four Personalities 

Through an exploration of the Four Questions and Four Children in the Passover Seder, all participants learn new techniques for engaging with people from all walks of life.

The High Holidays as a Model for Conflict Resolution

Inspired by the ways in which the liturgy of the High Holidays calls on us to examine our pasts towards crafting better futures, all participants craft stories based on their own regrets. They imagine how they might have acted differently and come up with concrete principles to guide them into the coming year.

To bring The Art of Jewish Leadership to your campus, please contact us at or by phone at 424-298-0894.


Past and current partners for The Art of Jewish Leadership include: Hillel 818, Hillel at UCLA, and USC Hillel.