theatre dybbuk stages a reading of BRONX EXPRESS on Sunday, February 26 at Royce Hall

Bronx Express is a raucous, timely, and biting comedy about capitalism and cultural identity. As a man buys into the alluring and ephemeral notion of the American Dream, he goes on a journey through a surreal landscape made up of commercial icons, seductive in their simplicity.

Please join us and experience this satire of American ambition.

California Institute for Yiddish Culture and Language

in collaboration with the UCLA Dept. of Germanic Languages

presents theatre dybbuk's reading of

Bronx Express

by Osip Dymov

translated from the Yiddish by Nahma Sandrow

Where: UCLA Royce Hall (314)

When: Sunday, 2/26 at 3 pm

Admission is Free. Donations are encouraged.


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