5 Powerful Ways to Make Jewish Art Matter

Adopt a culture of “rehearsal.”

Since Theatre Dybbuk creates theatrical experiences, we spend a lot of time in the rehearsal room. That is the place where we commit to playing without censoring. We try and we fail. We try and we get it almost right. We try and we find the “answer,” only to discover that the answer is incomplete. And then, we try once, or a thousand times, more. What if every engagement approach is a rehearsal – a chance to try?

Present multiple points of entry.

We remove the barriers between education, ritual, tradition, scholarship, and art. Instead, we say they all form one holistic and multifaceted conversation. How can we create more interwoven opportunities for welcoming people into the discussion?


Who shares our values, if not necessarily our expertise, and how can we work together to create outlets for examination and illumination?

Explore artistic expression’s inherent value to a cultural dialogue.

How am I integrating the arts into my personal/organizational work, allowing investigations of metaphor to help those who participate to make meaning?

Ask a lot of people because they have a lot to offer.

What would our communal life’s journey look like if, in this world filled with distractions, we created more opportunities to dive deep into the waters of our history and our personal beliefs.

To freely paraphrase the great artistic philosopher David Lynch, deep waters are where it grows most dark. But isn’t it also where the marine life is most beautiful?

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